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Daniel Kahneman
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Born (1934-03-05) 5 Mairch 1934 (age 85)[1]
Tel Aviv, Mandatory Palestine
Residence Unitit States
Naitionality Unitit States, Israel
Alma mater University o Californie, Berkeley Ph.D, 1961
Ebreu University B.A., 1954
Kent for Cognitive biases
Behavioral economics
Prospect theory
Loss aversion
Awairds APA Lifetime Achievement Awaird (2007)
Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (2002)
Tufts University Leontief Prize (2010)
APS Distinguished Scienteefic Contreibution Awaird (1982)
University o Louisville Grawemeyer Awaird (2003)
Scientific career
Fields Psychology, economics
Institutions Princeton University 1993–
University o Californie, Berkeley 1986–93
University o Breetish Columbie 1978–86
Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences 1972–73
Ebreu University o Jerusalem 1961–77
Thesis An analytical model o the semantic differential (1961)
Doctoral advisor Susan M. Ervin-Tripp
Doctoral students Avishai Henik
Baruch Fischhoff

Daniel Kahneman (/ˈkɑːnəmən/; Ebreu: דניאל כהנמן‎‎, born Mairch 5, 1934) is an Israeli-American psychologist notable for his wark on the psychology o juidgment an deceesion-makkin, as well as behavioural economics, for that he wis awairdit the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (shared wi Vernon L. Smith).

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