Daniel Bernoulli

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Daniel Bernoulli
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Daniel Bernoulli
Born 8 Februar 1700
Groningen, Dutch Republic
Died 17 March 1782 (aged 82)
Basel, Republic o the Swiss
Naitionality Swiss
Alma mater Varsity o Basel (M.D., 1721)
Heidelberg Varsity
Varsity o Strasbourg
Kent for Bernoulli's Principle
Early kinetic theory o gases
Scientific career
Fields Mathematics, pheesics, medicine
Thesis Dissertatio physico-medica de respiratione (Dissertation on the medical pheesics o respiration) (1721)
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Daniel Bernoulli FRS (8 Februar 1700 – 17 Mairch 1782) wis a Swiss mathematician an pheesicist an wis ane o the mony prominent mathematicians in the Bernoulli faimily.