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European bisque dall frae the 1870s

A dall is a model o a human bein, eften uised as a toy for childer. Dalls hae tradeetionally been uised in magic an releegious rituals ootthrou the warld, an tradeetional dalls made o materials such as cley an wid are foond in Americae, Asie, Africae an Europe. The earliest documented dalls gae back tae the auncient ceevilisations o Egyp, Greece an Roum. The uise o dalls as toys wis documented in Greece aroond 100 AD. Thay hae been made as crude, rudimentary playthings as well as elaborate airt. Modren dall manufacturin haes its ruits in Germany, gaein back tae the 15t century. Wi industrialisation an new materials such as porcelain an plastic, dalls war increasinly mass-produced. During the 20t century, dalls acame increasinly popular as collectibles.