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Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Indie ~ 201 million[citation needit]
 Nepal ~ 4.5 million (2005)[1]
 Sri Lanka Unkent
 Bangladesh 3.5 million
 Unitit Kinrick 50,000-200,000 estimated[2] (2011)
 Unitit States Unkent
 Canadae 200,000 estimatit[citation needit]
 Malaysie Unkent
 Singapore Unkent
 Pakistan Unkent
Leids o Sooth Asie
Hinduism · Islam · Christianity · Sikhism · Buddhism

Dalit, meanin "oppressed" in Sooth Asie, is the sel-chosen poleetical name o castes in the SAARC region which are "untouchable".[3][4]

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