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Dakrya is a theatrical metal baund frae Athens, Greece that wis formed in late 2004 bi Sophia Charalampous.

Biography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Dakyra formed in late 2004 bi Sophia Charalampous. The idea wis tae create a baund that coud develop a theatrical attitude an combine different muisical elements wi the dynamics o metal an rock soond. Efter a few line-up changes the first demo release came in mid 2005 entitled "Without Destination". The reviews wur good an the baund startit tae play live an write new material for a full-length album.

In 2007 Dakrya enters the studios in order tae record their debut album entitled Monumento that wis released on Mey 23rd 2008 bi twa record labels, Anither Sphere Records (Fraunce) an 279 Productions (Greece). Muny live shows followed maistly in Greece an Dakrya supportit famous bands such as Moonspell.

In 2009 the baund came up wi a new concept album an entered the studios ance again for the recordings. On Mairch 2010 the baund traveled tae Swaden tae produce an mix the new album wi Pelle Saether (Diablo Swing Orchestra, Madder Mortem, A.C.T). On Mey 23rd 2010 the baund released a CD-Single wi the sang "The Urban Tribe" taken frae the fowertcomin 2nt album entitled "Crime Scene". Bi simmer 2010 the baund haes decidit it's time tae find strang partners for bringin the muisic an theater o DAKRYA oot tae the warldwide audience, an thus they team up wi Intromental Management & Booking Warldwide an Sensory Records for the promotion an release o "Crime Scene".

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  • Demonic and Divine (June 1st 2009, Femme Metal Records)

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