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Darts in a dartboard.jpg
Dairts in a dartbuird
Heichest govrenin body WDF
Nickname(s) thrawers, arraes, tungsten
First played approx 1860s Unitit Kinrick [1]
Registered players 655 WDF ranked players
679 PDPA ranked players
Contact Na
Team members Team events exeest, see World Cup an PDC World Cup of Darts
Mixed gender Separate men's & weemen's championship awtho na restrictions on weemen competin against men.
Categorization Target sports, Individual sport
Equipment Set o 3 darts, dairtbuird
Olympic Nae iver recognised as an Olympic sport

Dairts is a form o thrawin sport in which smaw missiles are thrawn at a circular dairtbuird fixed tae a waw.[2]

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