Daily Mail

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Daily Mail
Daily Mail front page on 4 August 2010
TeepDaily newspaper
Awner(s)Daily Mail and General Trust
Foonder(s)Alfred Harmsworth an Harold Harmsworth
PublisherDMG Media
EditorGeordie Greig
Foondit4 Mey 1896; 124 years ago (1896-05-04)
Poleetical alignmentConservative
HeidquartersNorthcliffe House

2 Derry Street

Lunnon W8 5TT
Circulation1,181,023 (as of Mey 2019)[1]
OCLC number16310567

The Daily Mail is a Breetish daily middle-mercat[2][3] newspaper published in Lunnon in a tabloid format.

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