Daihatsu Bee

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Daihatsu Bee
Daihatsu bee.jpg
Manufacturer Daihatsu
Body and chassis
Cless Microcaur
Body style 2-door coupé
Layoot Rear-ingine, rear-wheel-drive
Ingine 540 cc H2 (petrol)

The Daihatsu Bee wis a three wheeled microcaur that wis produced bi Daihatsu Kogyo Co Ltd frae 1958.

Although Daihatsu haed been producing motorized tricycles for carryin freight since 1930, an haed also produced a small caur for military uise in 1937, the Bee wis the first passenger caur the company haed built for sale tae the general public. The caur wis marketed frae October 1951, shortly before the company changed its name from 'Hatsudoki Seizo Co' tae Daihatsu.

Photographs show the caur wi a twa door fibreglass body, though ither sources state that it haed a fower door body instead an as a result wis popular as a taxi. Pouer wis provided bi a rear mounted 540 cc OHV air-cooled twa-cylinder fower stroke engine. The caur wis adapted frae ane o Daihatsu's three wheeled delivery trucks. It wis released for sale in 1958, an sold vera few units.