Daewoo Maepsy

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The Daewoo Maepsy is a compact caur that wis manufactured bi Daewoo Motor in South Korea frae the 1973 tae 1986. The Maepsy wis a badge engineered version o the Opel Kadett C, an wfter 1986 wis replaced bi the Daewoo LeMans. Oreeginally sauld as the Saehan Gemini (Saehan Bird in export markets), the caur later evolved tae acome the Saehan Maepsy, bi 1983 the Daewoo Maepsy efter Saehan Motor buyout bi the Daewoo Group, an finally the Daewoo Maepsy-Na.

A pickup truck version wis an aa offered initially as the Saehan Max an later as the Daewoo Max frae 1982 tae 1988.

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