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DF-21/CSS-5 Mod 1
DF-21A TEL - Chinese Military Museum Beijing.jpg
DF-21 and transporter erector launcher vehicle at the Beijing Military Museum.
Place o oreeginCheenae
Service history
In service1991
Uised biFowk's Liberation Airmy Rocket Force
Royal Saudi Strategic Missile Force
Islamic Revolutionary Gaird Corps (Aerospace Force o the Islamic Revolutionary Gaird Corps)
Wecht14,700 kilograms (32,400 lb)
Lenth10.7 metres (35 ft)
Diameter1.4 metres (4.6 ft)
Warheid1, or 5-6 (improved variant)[1] 200-300-500 kt[2]

IngineSolid fueled
1,770 km (1,100 mi) (DF-21/DF-21A)[3]
1,700 km (1,100 mi) (DF-21C)
1,500 km (930 mi; 810 nmi) (DF-21D ASBM)[4]
3,000 km (1,900 mi; 1,600 nmi) (CH-AS-X-13 ALBM)[5]
SpeedMach 10[6]
Inertial + terminal active radar guidance[7] DF-21 700m, DF-21A 50m, DF-21B 10m (with BeiDou Navigation Satellite System and active radar) CEP[8]
Mobile launcher
H-6X1/H-6N (CH-AS-X-13 ALBM)[9]

The Dong-Feng 21 (DF-21; NATO reporting name CSS-5 - Dong-Feng (simplifeed Cheenese: 东风; traditeeonal Cheenese: 東風; leeterally: "East Wind")) is a two-stage, solid-fuel rocket, single-warhead medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) in the Dong Feng series developed by Cheenae Changfeng Mechanics and Electronics Technology Academy. Development started in the late 1960s and wis completit around 1985-86, but it was not deployed until 1991. It wis developed from the submarine-launched JL-1 missile, and is Cheenae's first solid-fuel lanud-based missile. The U.S. Department of Defense in 2008 estimatit that Cheenae haed 60-80 missiles and 60 launchers;[10] approximately 10-11 missiles can be built annually.[11]

Oreeginally developed as a strategic wappen, the DF-21's later variants were designed for both nuclear and conventional missions. It is thought able tae carry a heich explosive and submunition warheids, as well as a nuclear warhiad of 300 kt. The latest DF-21D wis said tae be the world's first anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM). The DF-21 haes also been developed intae a space-capable anti-satellite weapon/anti-missile weapon carrier.

Though the launcher itself is mobile tae reduce vulnerabileety, an actual launch unit requires support vehicles that can cover a 300×300-meter area, making it hard tae muive quickly and easier tae detect. Awso, the launcher is not made tae travel off-road and requires solid ground when firing tae prevent backblast and debris damage due tae the hard launch, restricting its firing locations tae roads and pre-made launch pads.[12]

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