DC Comics

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DC Comics
Parent companyWarner Bros.
FoonditMey 1934; 86 years ago (1934-05) (as National Allied Publications)[1]
FoonderMalcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
Kintra o originUnitit States
Heidquarters locationBurbank, Californie
Key fowkDiane Nelson (Preses)
Dan DiDio (Co-Publisher)
Jim Lee (Co-Publisher)
Bob Harras (Editor In Chief)
Geoff Johns (Chief Creative Officer)
John Rood (EVP, Sales, Marketing and Business Development)
Patrick Caldon (EVP, Finance and Administration)
Publication typesComics
Ainer(s)Time Warner
Offeecial wabsteidwww.dccomics.com

DC Comics, Inc. is an American comic beuk publisher. It is the publishin unit o DC Entertainment,[2] a company o Warner Bros. Entertainment, which itsel is awned bi Time Warner.

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