Czech Republic naitional fitbaw team

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Czech Republic
AssociationFitbaw Association o the Czech Republic (Fotbalová asociace České republiky – FAČR)
ConfederationUEFA (Europe)
Heid coachJaroslav Šilhavý
CaiptainVladimír Darida
Maist kaipsPetr Čech (124)
Tap scorerJan Koller (55)
First colours
Second colours
FIFA rankin
Current 31 Steady (19 November 2021)[1]
Heichest2 (Sept 1999; Jan–Mey 2000; Apr–Mey 2005; Jan–Mey 2006)
Lawest67 (Mairch 1994)
Elo rankin
Current 23 Increase 8 (15 December 2021)[2]
Heichest1 (Juin 2004, Juin 2005)
Lawest37 (September 2010)
First international
 Turkey 1–4 Czech Republic Czech Republic
(Istanbul, Turkey; 23 Februar 1994)
Biggest win
Czech Republic Czech Republic 8–1 Andorrae 
(Liberec, Czech Republic; 4 Juin 2005)
Czech Republic Czech Republic 7–0 San Marino 
(Liberec, Czech Republic; 7 October 2006)
Czech Republic Czech Republic 7–0 San Marino 
(Uherské Hradiště, Czech Rep.; 9 Sep 2009)
Biggest defeat
  Switzerland 3–0 Czech Republic Czech Republic
(Zürich, Switzerland; 20 Aprile 1994)
 Norawa 3–0 Czech Republic Czech Republic
(Oslo, Norawa; 10 August 2011)  Roushie 4–1 Czech Republic Czech Republic
(Wroclaw, Poland; 8 Juin 2012)
Czech Republic Czech Republic 0–3 Denmark 
(Olomouc, Czech Republic; 22 Mairch 2013)
Warld Cup
Appearances1 (first in 2006)
Best resultRoond 1, 2006
European Championship
Appearances5 (first in 1996)
Best resultRunners-up, 1996
Confederations Cup
Appearances1 (first in 1997)
Best result3rd, 1997

The Czech Republic naitional fitbaw team (Czech: Česká fotbalová reprezentace) represents the Czech Republic in association fitbaw an is controlled bi the Fitbaa Association o the Czech Republic, the govrenin body for fitbaw in the Czech Republic. Afore its separation in 1992, the team pairticipatit in FIFA an UEFA competeetions as Bohemie, Austrick-Hungary, an the majority as Czechoslovakie.

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