Cyprus naitional fitbaa team

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Association Cyprus Fitbaa Association (CFA)
Κυπριακή Ομοσπονδία Ποδοσφαίρου
Confederation UEFA (Europe)
Heid coach Cyprus Pambos Christodoulou
Captain Michalis Konstantinou
Maist caps Ioannis Okkas (106)
Tap scorer Michalis Konstantinou (32)
Home stadium GSP Stadium, Nicosia
FIFA rankin 134
Heichest FIFA rankin 43 (September 2010)
Lawest FIFA rankin 135 (September 2012)
Elo rankin 119
Heichest Elo rankin 69 (22 Mairch 2000)
Lawest Elo rankin 141 (Mairch 1992)
First colours
Second colours
First internaitional
 Israel 3–1 Cyprus Cyprus
(Tel-Aviv, Israel; Julie 30, 1949)
Cyprus Cyprus 1–1 Israel 
(Nicosia, Cyprus; November 13, 1960)
Biggest win
Cyprus Cyprus 5–0 Andorrae 
(Limassol, Cyprus; November 15, 2000)
Biggest defeat
 Wast Germany 12–0 Cyprus Cyprus
(Essen, Wast Germany; Mey 21, 1969)

The Cyprus naitional fitball team (Greek: εθνική ομάδα ποδοσφαίρου Κύπρου) represents Cyprus in association fitbaa an is controlled bi the Cyprus Fitbaa Association, the govrening body for fitbaa in Cyprus. Cyprus' home grund is the GSP Stadium in Nicosia an the current coach is Pambos Christodoulou.[1][2] Thay hae never reached the finals o either the European Championships or the Warld Cup.

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