Cyclone Xaver

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Cyclone Xaver
Xaver Bodil surface map 2013-12-05-12UTC.gif
Surface pressur chairt 12:00 UTC 5 December 2013
Teep European windstorm, extratropical cyclone, winter storm
Formed 4 December 2013
Dissipatit 10 December 2013
Lawest pressur 962 mb (28.41 inHg)
Heichest winds
Heichest gust 142 mph (229 km/h), Aonach Mòr, Scotland Scotland[1]
Auries affectit Unitit Kinrick Unitit Kinrick
Republic o Ireland Republic o Ireland
Netherlands Netherlands
Germany Germany
Denmark Denmark
 Faroe Islands
Swaden Swaden
Norawa Norawa
Poland Poland
Lithuanie Lithuanie
Isle o Man Isle o Man
Belgium Belgium

Cyclone Xaver (DMI: Bodil, SMHI: Sven)[2][3][4] an aa kent as the North Sea fluid or tidal surge o 2013, wis a winter storm that affectit northren Europe. Force 12 winds an hivy snawfaw war predictit alang the storm's path, an thare war wairnins o a signeeficant risk o storm surge leadin tae coastal fluidin alang the coasts o the North an Erse Seas.

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