Cyclone Andrea

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Cyclone Andrea
Storm Andrea 2012-01-04-20UTC.gif
Surface wather cairt o 4 Januar 2012
TeepEuropean windstorm, Extratropical cyclone, Winter storm
FormedJanuar 3, 2012
DissipatitJanuar 9, 2012
Lawest pressur964 mb (28.5 inHg)
Heichest gust176 km/h (109 mph) at Feldberg an Zugspitze
Damage$350 million (2012 USD)
Auries affectitIceland, Ireland, Unitit Kinrick, Netherlands, Belgium, Fraunce, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Swisserland

Cyclone Andrea wis an intense European windstorm that affectit wastren an central Europe in early Januar 2012.