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Municipality o Cusihuiriachi in Chihuahua
Municipality o Cusihuiriachi in Chihuahua
Cusihuiriachi is locatit in Mexico
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 28°14′28″N 106°50′12″W / 28.24111°N 106.83667°W / 28.24111; -106.83667
Kintra  Mexico
State Chihuahua
Municipal seat Cusihuiriachi
 • Municipality 1,810.3 km2 (699.0 sq mi)
Elevation 2,017 m (6,617 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Municipality 5,414
 • Urban 63

Cusihuiriachi is a ane o the 67 municipalities o Chihuahua, in northren Mexico. The municipal seat lees at Cusihuiriachi. The municipality covers an aurie o 1,810.3 km².

As o 2010, the municipality haed a total population o 5,414 inhabitants.[1] Cusihuiriachi Municipality haes the destinction o haein the smawest municipal seat in Mexico relative tae its municipal population. Its municipal seat haed an offeecial population o 63 inhabitants, which accoontit for anerlie 1.164 percent o the municipality's population. (There are three municipal seats that are less populous, Santa María del Rosario, Santa María Nduayaco, an Santa Cruz Tayata, aw in the State o Oaxaca, but their municipalities are hintle less populous than Cusihuiriachi an aw.)

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Towns an veelages[eedit | eedit soorce]

The lairgest localities (aw rural) are leetit below. Note that the anerlie urban locality, the municipal seat, Cusihuiriachi, wi a population o 63 inhabitants, is no amang them.

Name Population
Los Álamos de Cerro Prieto 614
Cerro Prieto (Cerro Prieto de Abajo) 400
Chopeque 378
Colonia Cusi (Ojo de Agua) 307
Campo Número Veintiséis 266
Campo Número Veintiocho 260
Bajío de Abajo 208
Total Municipality 5,414

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