Curzon Line

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The Curzon Line
Heestorical demarcation line o Warld War II
Curzon line en.svg
Lichter blue line: Curzon Line "B" as proponed in 1919.
Darker blue line: "Curzon" Line "A" as proponed bi the Soviet Union in 1940.
Pink auries: Umwhile pre-Warld War II provinces o Germany transferred tae Poland efter the war.
Grey aurie: Pre-Warld War II Pols territory east o the Curzon Line annexed bi the Soviet Union efter the war.

The history o the Curzon Line, wi minor variations, gangs back tae the period follaein Warld War I. It wis drawn for the first time bi the Supreme War Cooncil as the demarcation line atween the newly emergin states, the Seicont Pols Republic, an the Bolshevik Roushie.