The Cundeez

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The Cundeez
OreiginDundee, Scotland
GenresPunk, Oary Rock, Skeem Rock/Punk/Ska/Celtic Rock
Years active2007-present
  • Gary Robertson
  • Stevie Cundee
  • Trotsky Cundee
  • Tez the Cockney Cundee

The Cundeez is a muisic group fae Dundee that formed in 2007. Thay mak sangs in the Dundonian byleid o Scots.[1][2] Mony o thair sangs relate tae thair lives growin up in the schemes o Dundee.[3]

Thair memmers include Gary Robertson as sangster an bagpiper,[4] Stevie Cundee on drums[3], Trotsky Cundee an Tez the Cockney Cundee.[2] They descrived themsel as 'Skeem Rawk'.[5]

Discography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Studio albums
  • Cundee Radio (2010, sel-lowsed)
  • Murder On the Oary Express (2012, sel-lowsed)
  • Sehturday Night Weaver (2015, sel-lowsed)
  • "Peet and Diesel" (2020, sel-lowsed)

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