Cullen skink

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Cullen skink
Cullen Skink.JPG
Cullen skink wi breid
Place o oreeginScotland
Region or stateCullen
Servin temperaturHot
Main ingredientsSmeeked haddie (finnan haddie), tatties and ingans
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Cullen skink is a gudgy Scots soup made o smeeked haddie, tatties an ingans. A true Cullen skink will uise finnan haddie, but it kin be prepared wi ony ither undye'd smeeked haddie.

This soup is fae the toun o Cullen in Moray, on the northeast coast o Scotland. It's affen served as a starter at formal Scots dinners but is muckle served as an ilka day dish forby ower the northeast o Scotland.

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