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Cruixtoun (Scots Gaelic: Baile Cruic, Inglis: Crookston) is a residential suburb on the soothwastern edge o the ceetie o Glesga, Scotland.

Ae-time a veelage in its ain richt, Cruixtoun (Middle Scots: Crocis toune) an its surroondin launds an castle (Dùn Cruic in Scots Gaelic), war namit efter the feudal Norman laird, Rabert Croc, wha wis gifted the Levern straith in Renfrewshire bi Keeng Dauvit I o Scots in 1170.

In the 1920s, Cruixtoun, thegidder wi neebourin Cardonal, Hullintoun an Haufwey, wis eikit tae the waxin ceetie o Glesga. Cruixtoun nou lies jist 'ithin Glesga's present-day mairches wi Ralstoun, Renfrewshire.

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Coordinates: 55°50′34″N 4°22′06″W / 55.8428°N 4.3684°W / 55.8428; -4.3684