Crozet Islands

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Crozet Islands
Îles Crozet
Banner o Crozet Islands
Orthographic projection centred ower the Îles Crozet.
Orthographic projection centred ower the Îles Crozet.
Ane o the Crozet Islands
Location Indian Ocean
Coordinates 46°25′S 51°59′E / 46.417°S 51.983°E / -46.417; 51.983
Airchipelago Crozet Islands
Total islands 6
Major islands 3
Aurie 352 km2 (135.9 sq mi)
Heichest elevation 1,090 m (3,580 ft)
Heichest point Mont Marion-Dufresne
Owerseas territory French Soothren an Antarctic Lands
Destrict Crozet Islands
Crozet is locatit in Indian Ocean
Location o Crozet Islands in the Indian Ocean

The Crozet Islands (French: Îles Crozet; or, offeecially, Archipel Crozet) are a sub-antarctic archipelago o smaa islands in the soothren Indian Ocean. Thay form ane o the five admeenistrative destricts o the French Soothern an Antarctic Lands.