Crossraguel Aibey

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Crossraguel Aibey
Monastery information
Order Cluniac
Established 1260s
Disestablished 1617
Mither hoose Paisley Aibey
Diocese Diocese o Glesga
Controlled kirks Dailly; Girvan; Inchmarnock; Kirkudbright-Innertig; Kirkossald; Straiton
Foonder(s) Donnchadh, Yerl o Carrick

The Aibey o Saunt Mary o Crossraguel[1] is a ruin o an umwhile aibey near the toun o Meybole, Sooth Ayrshire, Scotland.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 55°20′19″N 4°43′15″W / 55.338481°N 4.72072°W / 55.338481; -4.72072