Cross-kintra skiin

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Cross-kintra skiin
Trip to Skorafjell 1.jpg
Cross-kintra skiers in wastren Norawa.
Nickname(s)XC skiin
CategorizationOotduir or induir in ski tunnels
EquipmentSkis, poles an boots

Cross-kintra skiin (or XC skiin) is a furm o ski tourin in which pairticipants propel themselves athort snaw-covered terrain uisin skis an poles. The activity is popular in mony places wi lairge snawfields, primarily Northren Europe, Canadae, an Alaska.[1]

Cross-kintra skiin is pairt o the Nordic skiin sport faimily, which includes ski jumpin, Nordic combined (cross-kintra skiin an ski jumpin), Biathlon (skiin an rifle marksmanship)[1] an ski-orienteerin (which includes cairt navigation alang snaw trails an tracks). Cross-kintra skiin is the modren style o skiin that maist resembles prehistoric skiin, pairticularly when duin in the backkintra. It is an aa relatit tae Telemark skiin.

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