Cromarty byleid

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Cromarty Scots
Native taeScotland
Extinct2 October 2012, wi the deith o Bobby Hogg[1]
Leid codes
ISO 639-3

The Cromarty byleid o North Northern Scots wis spaken in Cromarty, Scotland. The byleid springheidit fae fowk thit hed flittit north fae the Firth o Forth in the 15t an 16t yearhunners. The last hamlet spikker o the byleid, Bobby Hogg, dee'd in 2012 at age 92.[2][3][4] Afore his deith, Hogg pit thegither a beukie o tradeetional wirds an phrases. The Hieland Cooncil producit a beukie anent the byleid forby.[5]

The byleid haed a hivy influence fae baith Hieland Inglis an Scots Gaelic.

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