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Cristina Calderón

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Cristina Calderón (born 24 Mey 1928; deed 16 Februar 2022) in Villa Ukika, Puerto Williams, on Isla Navarino, Chile, wis the last livin full-bloodit Yaghan person. Bi 2004, Calderón (aften referred tae as simply Abuela) an her sister-in-law Emelinda Acuña wur the anerlie twa remainin native speakers o the Yaghan leid.[1] Efter Acuña dee'd at 84 years o age (12 October 2005), Calderón became the last livin full-bloodit Yaghan person.[2] Wi her guiddochter Cristina Zarraga an her sister Ursula Calderon she publisht a beuk o Yaghan stories cawed Hai Kur Mamashu Shis (Quiero contarte un cuento) [A Want tae Tell Ye a Story] in 2005.

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