Coupar Angus Aibey

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Coupar Angus Abbey
Coupar Angus Abbey.jpg
The anerly survivin remeens o the aibey, supposedly the gatehoose
Monastery information
Full nameAbbey o the Blessed Virgin Mary o Coupar
Mither hooseMelrose Aibey
Dedicatit taeVirgin Mary
DioceseDiocese o St Andras
Controlled kirksAirlie; Alvah; Bendochy; Dunnottar (?); Errol; Fossoway; Glenisla; Inchmartin; Meathie
Foonder(s)Máel Coluim IV, Keeng o the Scots
Important associated figursWilliam de Benin, Thomas Livingston, Donald Campbell
LocationCoupar Angus, Scotland
Veesible remainsAnerly pairtial remeens o the gatehoose

Coupar Angus Abbey wis a Cistercian monastery near Coupar Angus, in central Scotland, on the boondar atween Angus an Gowrie.

Coordinates: 56°33′N 3°16′W / 56.550°N 3.267°W / 56.550; -3.267