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A corps (/ˈkɔər/ "core"; the plural is spelled the same as singular but pronoonced /ˈkɔərz/ "cores"; frae French, frae the Laitin corpus "body") is aither a lairge militar formation componed o twa or mair diveesions, or an admeenistrative groupin o truips within an airmed force wi a common function, sic as Artillery or Signals. Corps mey an aa refer tae a parteecular unit or a pairticular branch o service, sic as the Unitit States Marine Corps, the Corps o Ryal Marines, the Honourable Corps o Gentlemen at Airms, or the Corps o Commissionaires.

The militar term wis subsequently adoptit for public service organisations wi a paramilitary command structur, volunteer public service organisations, sic as the Peace Corps, various ambulance corps, some NGOs (non-govrenment organisations), an ither ceevic volunteer organisations. Due tae this uise o the term, it haes an aa spread tae some ither civic or volunteer organisations that lack the paramilitar structur.