Cornell Varsity

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Cornell Varsity
Laitin: Universitas Cornelliana
Motto "I would foond an institution whaur ony person can find instruction in any study."
-Ezra Cornell, 1865<[1]
Established 1865 (1865)
Type Private/Statutory[2]
Endowment $6.038 billion (2015)[3]
Preses Elizabeth Garrett
Provost Harry Katz (interim)
Academic staff
1,639 – Ithaca
1,235 – New York City
34 Doha
Students 21,904 (Faw 2015)[4]
Unnergraduates 14,315 (Faw 2015)[4]
Postgraduates 7,589 (Faw 2015)[4]
Location Ithaca, NY, Unitit States
42°26′55″N 76°28′43″W / 42.448510°N 76.478620°W / 42.448510; -76.478620Coordinates: 42°26′55″N 76°28′43″W / 42.448510°N 76.478620°W / 42.448510; -76.478620
Campus Smaw ceety, 4,800 acres (1,900 ha)
Colors Carnelian, white, black[5]
Athletics NCAA Diveesion IIvy League
Sports 36 varsity teams
Nickname Big Red
Mascot Touchdown the Bear (unoffeecial)[6]
Affiliations AAU
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Cornell Varsity (Inglis: Cornell University) is an American private Ivy League an federal laund-grant research varsity locatit in Ithaca, New York.

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