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Cornel /ˈkɜːrnəl/, abbreviatit Col, is a militar rank o a senior commissioned officer. It or a correspondin rank exists in maist armies, marine forces an in mony air forces; the naval equivalent rank is generally caiptain. In air forces wi a separate rank structur, the equivalent rank is generally group caiptain. It is an aa uised in some polis forces an ither paramilitar rank structurs. A cornel wis typically in charge o a regiment in an airmy, especially in Great Britain; but typically as o 2012 a colonel is the commander o a brigade or regiment in the U.S. Airmy or Marine Corps, an o a group or wing in the US Air Force.

'Cornel' is uisually the heichest or seicont-heichest field rank, an is ablo the general ranks. In some militaries, na 'general' ranks exist an cornel is the heichest-rankin militar officer.