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Corneille Heymans
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Born 28 Mairch 1892(1892-03-28)
Ghent, Flanders, Belgium
Died 18 Julie 1968(1968-07-18) (aged 76)
Knokke, Flanders, Belgium
Naitionality Belgium
Alma mater Ghent Varsity
Kent for Vascular Presso- an Chemo-Receptors in Respiratory Control (bluid pressur)
Awairds Nobel Prize for Pheesiology or Medicine (1938)
Scientific career
Fields Pheesiology
Institutions Ghent Varsity
Doctoral students Paul Janssen

Corneille Jean François Heymans (28 Mairch 1892 – 18 Julie 1968) wis a Belgian pheesiologist. He studied at the Jesuit College o Saunt Barbara an then at Ghent Varsity, whaur he obtained a doctor's degree in 1920.[1]

Heymans wan the Nobel Prize for Pheesiology or Medicine in 1938 for shawin hou bluid pressur an the oxygen content o the bluid are meisurt bi the bouk an transmittit tae the harn.

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