Coral Sea

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Coral Sea
Coral Sea map.png
Coordinates18°S 158°E / 18°S 158°E / -18; 158Coordinates: 18°S 158°E / 18°S 158°E / -18; 158
Basin kintrasAustralie, New Caledon (Fraunce), Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu
Surface aurie4,791,000 km2 (1,850,000 sq mi)
Average deepth2,394 m (7,854 ft)
Max. deepth9,140 m (29,990 ft)
Watter vollum11,470,000 km3 (9.30×1012 acre⋅ft)

The Coral Sea is a mairginal sea o the Sooth Paceefic off the northeast coast o Australie, an clessifee'd as an interim Australian bioregion. The Coral Sea extends 1,200miles doun the Australie northeast coast.

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