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Copan sculpture.jpg
Ane o twa simian sculpturs on Temple 11,[1] possibly representin howler puggie gods.
Copán is locatit in Mesoamericae
Location within Mesoamericae
Location Copán Ruinas, Copán Depairtment, Honduras
Coordinates 14°50′24″N 89°8′24″W / 14.84000°N 89.14000°W / 14.84000; -89.14000
Periods Early Preclessic tae Postclessic
Culturs Maya ceevilisation
Site notes
UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid
Criteria Cultural: iv, vi
Reference 129
Inscription 1980 (4t Session)
Aurie 15.095 ha

Copán is an airchaeological steid o the Maya ceevilisation locatit in the Copán Depairtment o wastren Honduras, nae far frae the border wi Guatemala.

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Coordinates: 14°50′24″N 89°08′24″W / 14.84000°N 89.14000°W / 14.84000; -89.14000