Coort o Session

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Coort o Session
Cùirt an t-Seisein
Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (Government in Scotland).svg
Ryal Coat o Airms o the Unitit Kinrick as uised bi the coorts in Scotland
Established1532; 488 years ago (1532)
LocationPairliament Hoose, Edinburgh
Coordinates55°56′56″N 3°11′28″W / 55.949°N 3.191°W / 55.949; -3.191Coordinates: 55°56′56″N 3°11′28″W / 55.949°N 3.191°W / 55.949; -3.191
Composeetion methodJudges are appyntit bi the monarch on the recommendation o the First Meenister, that receives recommendations frae the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland[1]
Authorised bi
Deceesions are appealed taeSupreme Coort o the Unitit Kinrick[2]
Judge term lenthMandatory reteerment at age o 75
No. o poseetions35[3]
Laird Preses
CurrentlyLord Carloway
Syne19 December 2015
Laird Justice Clerk
CurrentlyLeddy Dorrian
Syne13 Apryle 2016

The Coort o Session (Scots Gaelic: Cùirt an t-Seisein; Inglis: Court of Session) is the supreme ceevil coort o Scotland an constitutes pairt o the College o Juistice; the supreme creeminal coort o Scotland is the Heich Coort o Juisticiar.

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