Cooncil o Florence

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Cooncil o Basel–Ferrara–Florence
Acceptit biRoman Catholicism
Previous cooncil
Cooncil o Constance
Next cooncil
Fift Cooncil o the Lateran
Convoked biPape Martin V
PresesCardinal Julian Cesarini, later Pape Eugene IV
Attendancevery licht in first sessions, eventually 117 Laitins an 31 Greeks
TopicsHussites, East-Wast Schism, Wastren Schism
Documents an statements
Several Papal bulls, short-lived reconciliation wi the Orthodox Kirk, reconciliation wi delegation frae the Armenians
Chronological leet o ecumenical cooncils

The Seiventeent Ecumenical Cooncil o the Roman Catholic Kirk wis convoked as the Cooncil o Basel (Basle in the ance-preferred Inglis spellin) bi Pape Martin V shortly afore his daith in Februar 1431 an teuk place in the context o the Hussite wars in Bohemie andthe rise o the Ottoman Empire.