Cooncil o Constance

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Cooncil o Constance
Acceptit biCatholicism
Previous cooncil
Next cooncil
Siena (Counciliarism)
Florence (Ecumenical)
Convoked biAntipape John XXIII, confirmed bi Pape Gregory XII
TopicsWestern Schism
Documents an statements
Deposeetion o John XXIII and Benedict XIII, condemnation o Jan Hus, election o Martin V
Chronological leet o ecumenical cooncils

The Cooncil o Constance is the 15t century ecumenical cooncil recognised bi the Roman Catholic Kirk, held frae 1414 tae 1418. The cooncil endit the Wastren Schism, bi deponin or acceptin the resignation o the remaining papal claimants an electin Pape Martin V.