Cooncil o Constance

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Cooncil o Constance
Date 1414–1418
Acceptit bi Catholicism
Previous cooncil
Next cooncil
Siena (Counciliarism)
Florence (Ecumenical)
Convoked bi Antipape John XXIII, confirmed bi Pape Gregory XII
Attendance 600
Topics Western Schism
Documents an statements
Deposeetion o John XXIII and Benedict XIII, condemnation o Jan Hus, election o Martin V
Chronological leet o ecumenical cooncils

The Cooncil o Constance is the 15t century ecumenical cooncil recognised bi the Roman Catholic Kirk, held frae 1414 tae 1418. The cooncil endit the Wastren Schism, bi deponin or acceptin the resignation o the remaining papal claimants an electin Pape Martin V.