Cooncil o Chalcedon

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Cooncil o Chalcedon
Fourth ecumenical council of chalcedon - 1876.jpg
Fowert Ecumenical Cooncil o Chalcedon, pentin bi Vasily Surikov
DateAD 451
Acceptit biRoman Catholics, Auld Catholics, Eastren Orthodox, Anglicans, Lutherans an maist ither Protestants
Previous cooncil
Cooncil o Ephesus
Next cooncil
Seicont Cooncil o Constantinople
Convoked biEmperor Marcian
PresesA buird o govrenment offeecials an senators, led bi the patrician Anatolius
AttendanceApprox. 370
Topicsthe judgments issued at the Seicont Cooncil o Ephesus in 449, the alleged offences o Bishop Dioscorus o Alexandria, the defineetion o the Godheid an manhuid o Christ, mony disputes involvin pairteecular bishops an sees
Documents an statements
Chalcedonian Creed, 28 canons
Chronological leet o ecumenical cooncils

The Cooncil o Chalcedon (/kælˈsdən/ or /ˈkælsdɒn/)[1] wis a kirk cooncil held frae October 8 tae November 1, AD 451, at Chalcedon (a ceety o Bithynia in Asie Minor), on the Asie side o the Bosphorus, kent in modren times as Kadıköy in Istanbul province o Republic o Turkey, althou it wis then separate frae Constantinople.

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