Constantine II (emperor)

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Constantine II
60t Emperor o the Roman Empire
Campidoglio, Roma - Costantino II cesare dettaglio.jpg
Statue o Emperor Constantine II as caesar on tap o the Cordonata (the monumental ladder climbin up tae Piazza del Campidoglio), in Roum.
Ring1 Mairch 317 – 337 (as Caesar in the wast unner his father);
337 – 340 (jynt emperor wi Constantius II an Constans, ower Gaul, Hispania, an Britannia, in 340 in failed competeetion wi Constans);
PredecessorConstantine I
SuccessorConstantius II an Constans
BornFebruar, 316
Arelate, Viennensis
Dee'd340 (aged 24)
Aquileia, Italia
Full name
Flavius Claudius Constantinus
FaitherConstantine the Great

Constantine II (Laitin: Flavius Claudius Constantinus Augustus;[1] Januar/Februar 316 – 340) wis Roman Emperor frae 337 tae 340.

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