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62nt Emperor o the Roman Empire
Emperor Constans Louvre Ma1021.jpg
Bust of Constans
Ring337–350, jyntly wi Constantine II (till 340) an Constantius II
PredecessorConstantine I
SuccessorConstantius II
Bornc. 323
Dee'dFebruar 350
Vicus Helena, soothwastren Gaul
Full name
Flavius Julius Constans Augustus
FaitherConstantine I

Constans (Laitin: Flavius Iulius Constans Augustus;[1] c. 323[1][2] – 350) wis Roman Emperor frae 337 tae 350. He defeatit his brither Constantine II in 340, but anger in the airmy ower his personal life an preference for his barbarian bodyguards led the general Magnentius tae rebel, resultin in the assassination o Constans in 350.

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