Conservative Pairty o Canadae

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Conservative Pairty o Canadae
Leader Rona Ambrose (interim)
Preses John Walsh
Deputy Leader Denis Lebel
Foondit December 7, 2003; 15 years ago (2003-12-07)
Merger o Canadian Alliance,
Progressive Conservative Pairty o Canadae
Heidquarters #1204 – 130 Albert Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5G4
Ideology Conservatism
Economic liberalism
Poleetical poseetion Centre-richt[1]
Internaitional affiliation Internaitional Democrat Union[2]
Alliance o European Conservatives an Reformists (regional pairtner)[3]
Continental affiliation Asie Paceefic Democrat Union
Colours      Blue
Inglis leid:
French leid:

The Conservative Pairty o Canadae (French: Parti conservateur du Canada), colloquially kent as the Tories, is a poleetical pairty in Canadae.

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