Conrad II, Haly Roman Emperor

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Conrad II
Conrad II, depictit in the Chronicle o Ekkehard von Aura
Haly Roman Emperor
Ring 26 Mairch 1027 - 4 Juin 1039
Coronation 26 Mairch 1027
Auld St. Peter's Basilica, Roum
Predecessor Henry II
Successor Henry III
Keeng o Burgundy
(formally Keeng o Arles)
Ring 6 September 1032 - 4 Juin 1039
Predecessor Rudolph III
Successor Henry III
Keeng o Italy
(formally Keeng o the Lombards)
Reing 31 Mairch 1026 - 4 Juin 1039
Coronation Mairch 31, 1026
Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, Milan
Predecessor Henry II
Successor Henry III
Keeng o Germany
(formally Keeng o the Franks)
Ring 8 September 1024 - 4 Juin 1039
Coronation 8 September 1024
Mainz Cathedral, Mainz
Predecessor Henry II
Successor Henry III
Born 990
Speyer, Germany, Haly Roman Empire
Dee'd 4 Juin 1039(1039-06-04) (aged 49)
Utrecht, Germany, Haly Roman Empire
Consort Gisela o Swabie (1016-1039)
Issue Henry III, Haly Roman Emperor
Matilda o Franconie
Hoose Salian
Faither Henry, Coont o Speyer
Mither Adelaide o Alsace
Releegion Roman Catholic

Conrad II (c. 990 – 4 Juin 1039), an aa kent as Conrad the Elder an Conrad the Salic, wis Emperor o the Haly Roman Empire frae 1027 till his daith in 1039.