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Cheenese name
Cheenese 儒家
Leeteral meanin "refined schuil"
Vietnamese name
Vietnamese Nho giáo
Korean name
Hangul 유교
Hanja 儒教
Japanese name
Kanji 儒教
Kana じゅきょう

Confucianism, an aa kent as Ruism, is descrived as tradeetion, a filosofie, a releegion, a humanistic or raitionalistic releegion, a wey o govrening, or simply a wey o life.[1] Confucianism developed frae whit wis later cried the Hunder Schuils o Thocht frae the teachins o the Cheenese filosofer Confucius (551–479 BCE), wha conseedert himsel a retransmitter o the values o the Zhou dynasty gowden age o several centuries afore.[2]

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