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The Scots Pairlament haes 129 commissioners (cawed CSPs, cutty for "Commeesioners tae the Scots Pairlament). 73 commeesioners is waled frae the "first past the post" constituencies. 56 is waled bi the "Addeetional Member Seestem" (AMS), a kynd o proportional representation (PR).

The auries uised for AMS is Hielands an Islands; Nor-Aest Scotland; Mid Scotland an Fife; Wast o Scotland; Glesgae; Central Scotland; Sooth o Scotland; an Lowden. Thae auries wis the same as wis uised for walins tae the European Pairlament afore 1999.

Ilka aurie wales 7 PR CSPs.

The strenth o the pairties the nou is:

Efter the walins o 2007, thare wis a muckle chynge tae the strenth o the pairties frae the aforegane fower year, wi the nummer SNP CSPs gaein frae 26 tae 47, an the nummer o CSPs frae the smaa pairties drappin awa. The Green Pairty lost 5 CSPs an the Scottish Socialist Pairty (SSP) an the Scots Senior Citizens Unity Pairty (SSCUP) lost aw thair CSPs.

See List of Pairlamentary constituencies in Scotland an aa

Memmers bi name[eedit | eedit soorce]


Brian Adam (SNP)
(Aberdeen North)
Bashir Ahmad (SNP)
Bill Aitken (Con)
Wendy Alexander (Lab)
(Paisley North)
Alasdair Allan (SNP)
(Western Isles)


Jackie Baillie (Lab)
Richard Baker (Lab)
(North East Scotland)
Claire Baker (Lab)
(Mid Scotland and Fife)
Sarah Boyack (Lab)
(Edinburgh Central)
Rhona Brankin (Lab)
Ted Brocklebank (Con)
(Mid Scotland and Fife)
Keith Brown (SNP)
Gavin Brown (Con)
Robert Brown (Lib Dem)
Derek Brownlee (Con)
(South of Scotland)
Bill Butler (Lab)
(Glasgow Anniesland)


Aileen Campbell (SNP)
(South of Scotland)
Jackson Carlaw (Con)
(West of Scotland)
Malcolm Chisholm (Lab)
(Edinburgh North and Leith)
Willie Coffey (SNP)
(Kilmarnock and Loudoun)
Angela Constance (SNP)
Cathie Craigie (Lab)
(Cumbernauld and Kilsyth)
Bruce Crawford (SNP)
Roseanna Cunningham (SNP)
Margaret Curran (Lab)
(Glasgow Baillieston)


Nigel Don (SNP)
(North East Scotland)
Bob Doris (SNP)


Helen Eadie (Lab)
(Dunfermline East)
Fergus Ewing (SNP)
(Inverness East, Nairn and Lochaber)


Linda Fabiani (SNP)
(Central Scotland)
Patricia Ferguson (Lab)
(Glasgow Maryhill)
Alex Fergusson (Con)
(Galloway and Upper Nithsdale)
Ross Finnie (Lib Dem)
(West of Scotland)
Joe Fitzpatrick (SNP)
(Dundee West)
George Foulkes (Lab)
Murdo Fraser (Con)
(Mid Scotland and Fife)


Rob Gibson (SNP)
(Highlands and Islands)
Kenneth Gibson (SNP)
(Cunninghame North)
Karen Gillon (Lab)
Marlyn Glen (Lab)
(North East Scotland)
Trish Godman (Lab)
(West Renfrewshire)
Annabel Goldie (Con)
(West of Scotland)
Charlie Gordon (Lab)
(Glasgow Cathcart)
Christine Grahame (SNP)
(South of Scotland)
Rhoda Grant (Lab)
(Highlands and Islands)
Iain Gray (Lab)
(East Lothian)


Robin Harper (Green)
Patrick Harvie (Green)
Chris Harvie (SNP)
(Mid Scotland and Fife)
Hugh Henry (Lab)
(Paisley South)
Jamie Hepburn (SNP)
(Central Scotland)
Jim Hume (Lib Dem)
(South of Scotland)
Fiona Hyslop (SNP)


Adam Ingram (SNP)
(South of Scotland)


Cathy Jamieson (Lab)
(Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley)
Alex Johnstone (Con)
(North East Scotland)


James Kelly (Lab)
(Glesgae Ruglen)
Andy Kerr (Lab)
(East Kilbride)
Bill Kidd (SNP)


John Lamont (Con)
(Roxburgh and Berwickshire)
Johann Lamont (Lab)
(Glasgow Pollok)
Marilyn Livingstone (Lab)
Richard Lochhead (SNP)


Kenny MacAskill (SNP)
(Edinburgh East and Musselburgh)
Lewis Macdonald (Lab)
(Aberdeen Central)
Margo MacDonald (Unthirlt)
Kenneth Macintosh (Lab)
Paul Martin (Lab)
(Glasgow Springburn)
Tricia Marwick (SNP)
(Central Fife)
Jim Mather (SNP)
(Argyll and Bute)
Michael Matheson (SNP)
(Falkirk West)
Stewart Maxwell (SNP)
(West of Scotland)
Liam McArthur (Lib Dem)
Frank McAveety (Lab)
(Glasgow Shettleston)
Tom McCabe (Lab)
(Hamilton South)
Jack McConnell (Lab)
(Motherwell and Wishaw)
Jamie McGrigor (Con)
(Highlands and Islands)
Alison McInnes (Lib Dem)
(North East Scotland)
Ian McKee (SNP)
Christina McKelvie (SNP)
(Central Scotland)
David McLetchie (Con)
(Edinburgh Pentlands)
Michael McMahon (Lab)
(Hamilton North and Bellshill)
Stuart McMillan (SNP)
(West of Scotland)
Duncan McNeil (Lab)
(Greenock and Inverclyde)
Pauline McNeill (Lab)
(Glasgow Kelvin)
Des McNulty (Lab)
(Clydebank and Milngavie)
Nanette Milne (Con)
(North East Scotland)
Margaret Mitchell (Con)
(Central Scotland)
Alasdair Morgan (SNP)
(South of Scotland)
Mary Mulligan (Lab)
John Farquhar Munro (Lib Dem)
(Ross, Skye and Inverness West)
Elaine Murray (Lab)


Alex Neil (SNP)
(Central Scotland)


Hugh O'Donnell (Lib Dem)
(Central Scotland)
Irene Oldfather (Lab)
(Cunninghame South)


John Park (Lab)
(Mid Scotland and Fife)
Gil Paterson (SNP)
(West of Scotland)
Peter Peacock (Lab)
(Highlands and Islands)
Cathy Peattie (Lab)
(Falkirk East)
Mike Pringle (Lib Dem)
(Edinburgh South)
Jeremy Purvis (Lib Dem)
(Tweeddale, Ettrick and Lauderdale)


Shona Robison (SNP)
(Dundee East)
Mike Rumbles (Lib Dem)
(West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine)
Michael Russell (SNP)
(South of Scotland)


Alex Salmond (SNP)
Mary Scanlon (Con)
(Highlands and Islands)
John Scott (Con)
Tavish Scott (Lib Dem)
Richard Simpson (Lab)
(Mid Scotland and Fife)
Liz Smith (Con)
(Mid Scotland and Fife)
Elaine Smith (Lab)
(Coatbridge and Chryston)
Margaret Smith (Lib Dem)
(Edinburgh West)
Iain Smith (Lib Dem)
(North East Fife)
Nicol Stephen (Lib Dem)
(Aberdeen South)
Stewart Stevenson (SNP)
(Banff and Buchan)
David Stewart (Lab)
(Highlands and Islands)
Jamie Stone (Lib Dem)
(Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross)
Nicola Sturgeon (SNP)
(Glasgow Govan)
John Swinney (SNP)
(North Tayside)


Dave Thompson (SNP)
(Highlands and Islands)
Jim Tolson (Lib Dem)
(Dunfermline West)
Stefan Tymkewycz (SNP)


Maureen Watt (SNP)
(North East Scotland)
Andrew Welsh (SNP)
Sandra White (SNP)
Karen Whitefield (Lab)
(Airdrie and Shotts)
David Whitton (Lab)
(Strathkelvin and Bearsden)
John Wilson (SNP)
(Central Scotland)
Bill Wilson (SNP)
(West of Scotland)

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