Commerzbank Tower

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Commerzbank Tower
Frankfurt Am Main-Commerzbank Tower vom Rathenauplatz-20100808.jpg
General information
Teep Commercial offices
Location Kaiserplatz 1
Hesse, Germany
Coordinates 50°06′38″N 8°40′27″E / 50.11056°N 8.67417°E / 50.11056; 8.67417Coordinates: 50°06′38″N 8°40′27″E / 50.11056°N 8.67417°E / 50.11056; 8.67417
Construction stairtit 1994
Openin 1997
Cost DM600 million
Ainer Commerzbank
Antenna spire 300.1 m (985 ft)
Ruif 258.7 m (849 ft)
Technical details
Fluir coont 56
Fluir aurie 109,200 m2 (1,175,000 sq ft)
Design an construction
Airchitect Norman Foster
Developer Commerzbank
Structural ingineer Arup
Krebs und Kiefer
Main contractor Hochtief AG

Commerzbank Tower (Scots: Commerzbank Touer) is a 56-storey, 259 m (850 ft) skyscraper in the Innenstadt destrict o Frankfurt, Germany.

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