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A comarca (Spaingie: [koˈmaɾka], Portuguese: [kuˈmaɾkɐ] or [koˈmaʁkɐ], Galician: [koˈmaɾka] pl. comarcas; Catalan: [kuˈmaɾkə] or [koˈmaɾka], pl. comarques) is a tradeetional region or local admeenistrative diveesion foond in pairts o Spain, Portugal, Panama, Nicaragua, an Brazil. The term is derived frae the term marca, meanin a "mairch, merk", plus the prefix co- meanin "thegither, jyntly".

The comarca is kent in Aragonese as redolada (IPA: [reðoˈlaða]) an in Basque as eskualde (IPA: [es̺kualde]). In addeetion, in Galicie comarcas are an aa cried bisbarras (IPA: [bizˈβaras]).