Colorado River

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Colorado River
View o a rocky canyon wi a blue river curvin aroond a lairge bluff
The Colorado River at Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, a few miles ablo Glen Canyon Dam
Kintras Unitit States, Mexico
States Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Californie, Baja Californie, Sonora
 - left Fraser River, Blue River, Eagle River, Roaring Fork River, Gunnison River, Dolores River, San Juan River, Little Colorado River, Bill Williams River, Gila River
 - right Green River, Dirty Devil River, Escalante River, Kanab River, Virgin River, Hardy River
Ceeties Glenwood Springs, CO, Grand Junction, CO, Moab, UT, Page, AZ, Bullhead City, AZ, Lake Havasu City, AZ, Yuma, AZ, San Luis Rio Colorado, SON
Soorce La Poudre Pass
 - location Rocky Moontains, Colorado, Unitit States
 - elevation 10,184 ft (3,104 m)
 - coordinates  [1]
Mooth Gulf o Californie
 - location Colorado River Delta, Baja CalifornieSonora, Mexico
 - elevation 0 ft (0 m)
 - coordinates  [1]
Lenth 1,450 mi (2,334 km) [2]
Basin 246,000 sq mi (637,137 km2) [2]
Dischairge for mooth (average virgin flow), max an min at Topock, AZ, 300 mi (480 km) frae the mooth
 - average 22,500 cu ft/s (637 m3/s) [3]
 - max 384,000 cu ft/s (10,900 m3/s) [4]
 - min 422 cu ft/s (12 m3/s) [5]
Colorado River basin map.png
Cairt o the Colorado River basin
Wikimedia Commons: Colorado River

The Colorado River (Spanish: Río Colorado) is ane o the principal rivers o the Soothwastren Unitit States an northren Mexico (the ither bein the Rio Grande). The 1,450-mile (2,330 km) Colorado River drains an expansive, arid wattershed that encompasses parts o seiven U.S. an twa Mexican states. Stairtin in the central Rocky Moontains in the U.S., the river flows generally soothwast athort the Colorado Plateau an throu the Grand Canyon afore reachin Loch Mead on the ArizonaNevada border, whaur it turns sooth taewart the internaitional border. Efter enterin Mexico, the Colorado approaches the maistly dry Colorado River Delta at the tip o the Gulf o Californie atween Baja California an Sonora.

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