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Navies Airmies Air forces
Commissioned officers
Admiral of
the fleet
Field marshal or
General o the airmy
Marshal o
the air force
Admiral General Air chief marshal
Vice admiral Lieutenant general Air marshal
Rear admiral Major general Air vice-marshal
Commodore Brigadier or
brigadier general
Air commodore
Caiptain Colonel Group caiptain
Commander Lieutenant colonel Wing commander
Major or
Squadron leader
Lieutenant Captain Flicht lieutenant
junior grade
Lieutenant or
first lieutenant
Fleein officer
Ensign or
Seicont lieutenant Pilot officer
Officer cadet Officer cadet Flicht cadet
Enleetit grades
Warrant officer or
chief petty officer
Warrant officer or
sairgant major
Warrant officer
Petty officer Sairgant Flicht sairgant
Leadin seaman Corporal or
Seaman Private or
gunner or
Aircraftman or

Colonel /ˈkɜːrnəl/, abbreviatit Col, is a militar rank o a senior commissioned officer. It or a correspondin rank exists in maist armies, marine forces an in mony air forces; the naval equivalent rank is generally captain. In air forces wi a separate rank structur, the equivalent rank is generally group captain. It is an aa uised in some polis forces an ither paramilitar rank structurs. A colonel wis typically in charge o a regiment in an airmy, especially in Great Britain; but typically as o 2012 a colonel is the commander o a brigade or regiment in the U.S. Airmy or Marine Corps, an o a group or wing in the US Air Force.

'Colonel' is uisually the heichest or seicont-heichest field rank, an is ablo the general ranks. In some militaries, na 'general' ranks exist an colonel is the heichest-rankin militar officer.