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RRSSC recommends uisin the spellin ui for vouel 7 see IPA chairt for Scots i.e. Yuil.

Aside frae the quaistenable uiss o kent forbye as, Yuil, Yool, Yeul, Yöl, an Yeel is juist ither weys fowk haes written thon wird. Aw pronoonced the same gaun bi dialect. Ye forgat the spellin Yule.

A jalouse ye waled the spellin maist unalike English an, bi the by, the least like tae be uised bi Scots speakin fowk.

Yea, ye wis richt aboot that (Yül; Isna it uised in the Shetland Dialect thou?) ...Sorry. As fae ma leetin o aw the ither furms o the wird thou shuid a bodie whilk types in Yeul no git the page juist acause o RRSSC? A dinnae think sae...

Shetland fowk whiles uises ü an ø for thon vouel acause it leuks kin o Norse. Stevenson experimentit wi ü an aw.
Thare's nocht wrang wi haein a redirect fae ither forms.
a body that...