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A'm no sure but A think that a yett is a wee "gate" an a Port is a big "gate" in the waa o a toun. Daes a body ken gin this is richt or no? Scroggie 14:15, 23 Mairch 2008 (UTC)

I think ye'r richt, tho no aw yetts is wee - there's ane in the museam at Chambers St. in Edinburgh that's quite muckle an is cried an "Iron Yett". This micht be a tait tenuous, but Dunbar in Done is the Battail on a Dragon Blak haes the line "the yettis of hell ar broken with a crak." I ken thon's poetry, but I dinna think he'd hae uissit the wurd gin is juist meant "small gate" to him. That said, for sure the auld yetts intae Edinburgh wes cried "ports" - Netherbow Port, Potterow Port an sae on. - Duncan Sneddon

I dinna think it's a maiter o size. I wad sey that the port is the openin in the waw an the yett is the barrier that closes it. -- Derek Ross | News 16:39, 24 Mairch 2008 (UTC)

That's kin o whit A wad say an aw. Jimmy 15:14, 26 Mairch 2008 (UTC)