Collogue:William Laughton Lorimer

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A really daenae like the bit that says "There's a spellin mistake, can you spot it" in the Misc. section. I daesnae soond encyclopaedic an A cannae see the mistake. A daenae want tae remuive it acause it micht coud be interestin haen the information, but it needs tae be rewritten. Can a body that kens whit is wrang rewrite it. Scroggie 16:52, 5 Mey 2008 (UTC)

I gree wi ye, I dinna think it shuid be in there either. Gin naebody objecks/ propones a better solution in the neist few days, I'll tak it aff an stick it in this collogue page. Seem mensefou? Duncan Sneddon 16:55, 5 Mey 2008 (UTC)

Tak a leuk at hou the praisent parteeciple is spelt. 08:57, 6 Mey 2008 (UTC)
Ye mean "ringing" (steid o "ringin")? Bazza 09:44, 6 Mey 2008 (UTC)

Naebody gied onie argie, sae I hae taen it out.

(There's a typo in the oreeginal that's been copied ower intae the inscreeption afore the pairlament- can ye find it?)