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Nou, A ken that the pairty crys thairsels "Scottis Naitional Pairtie" whan thay'r scrievin in Scots (no aften!). A dinna ken whither we shuid be respectin thair chyse o name or no. Mendor 14:46, 2 Jul 2005 (UTC)

I think we shuid. We maistly uise the "offeicial" name o an organisation whaur we can. -- Derek Ross 14:52, 2 Jul 2005 (UTC)

E'en if its mince? Scottis is juist an auld-farrant wey o writin whit for ordinar wad aye be Scots the nou.

Then shuid a chynge hit owre tae "Scottish National Party?" acause that's whit a fand hit unner. Nou Uiserr

In Scots it wad be Scots Naitional Pairty. But bein Scots nae twa fowk is gaun tae gree on that onywey.
Weel een tho A think Scottis is much better, A'll uiss Scots gin ye like, acause hit's tae be read bi ither fowk than masel (Bi the wey, dis oniebodie ken hou monie fowk veesit wikipaedia Scots?) Nou Uiserr